A world away: Our manifesto for creating change that matters

This is for the curious.

The seekers.

The person who cares about our world enough to play a part in making it better.

The ones who are awake - ready for action.

Or the ones who need new inspiration to get there.

We’re delighted to meet you.

These pages contain our story so far. About how we saw an opportunity to make meaningful, lasting change in the lives of families a world away.

But it’s about all of us.

It’s our hope these words empower you to strengthen your journey.

Or our story might be yours too.

Tell stories.
Be brave.
Empower others.
Act with dignity.
Make connections.
Embody hope.


56 pages.

Colourplan 270gsm cover.

Cyclus Offset 100% Recycled internal pages.

Threaded oversewn binding.